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Trusted by:

Olympic Teams, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Wingate Institute, AETNA, and Philips

Trusted by:

Philips, University of Iowa, MIT, Stanford University and AETNA

Trusted by:

Olympic Teams, Maccabi Tel Aviv, Wingate Institute, AETNA, and Philips

Dr. Baharav, founder of Sleeprate comments: ”Sleep is now where nutrition was 20 years ago. Getting the public to see value in their sleep is critical for improved public health.”

“The National Sleep Foundation’s annual Sleep in America® poll finds that among U.S. adults with excellent sleep health, nearly 90% say they feel very effective at getting things done each day, compared to only 46% of those with poor sleep health (see exhibit A).

The study also shows that only 10% of American adults prioritize their sleep over other aspects of daily living such as fitness/nutrition, work, social life, and hobbies/personal interests” **

Sleep is critical to public health.

Sleep-based training readiness: Manage training load for the team at a glance

Advanced recovery metrics: Gold standard metrics in easy to view trends

Give athletes the tools to tackle stress and fall asleep easily

Avoid damaging fatigue accumulation by using Boost's travel and jet lag tools

Baseline evaluation and expert sleep consultation at a glance

Used by coaches, physiologists, sports medicine experts, and athletes.

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“Garmin, Sleeprate collaboration will generate personalized sleep, activity insights for device owners”

“Aetna Receives Awards for Great Mental Health and Wellness Apps”

Live sleep and readiness monitoring

Telesleep care, dashboard solutions

The leading SaaS sleep platform

Provides product modules meeting the needs of your enterprise

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*A Baharav, K Niejadlik, 0410 Impact of Digital Monitoring, Assessment, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Subjective Sleep Quality, Workplace Productivity and Health Related Quality of Life, Sleep, Volume 41, Issue suppl_1, April 2018, Page A156,


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